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Lauralee Twombly
Lauralee Twombly 1.0

Grandmother is currently having work done on her older home. Shes trying to better her home and her quality of living. This work has been going on for almost a year. Yes a year! She a senior in her 80s you all have left numerous safety hazards, holes in ...the yard,uncompleted projects. She can't even go out in her own yard due to the holes ln the concrete and wires sticking out of the ground. Project manager is no where to be seen or heard from. No one will call you back when you try to get in touch. They leave messes everywhere! They just did drywall and there's putty on the bath mat & on the floors. Light fixtures have been broken, concrete pieces left all through the yard. They have installed things not asked for & they owe her money.Your company bit off more than they could chew with this job.But hey but don't worry she's paying on the large loan she got through yall for incomplete work. Seems like your company is taking advantage of her. Sure seems like "the best home services" haRead More...

William Giffard
William Giffard 5.0
Holly Winkle
Holly Winkle 5.0

Been using veteran air for many many years. An honest, reputable company with kind and personable employees. Hope Best is able to keep up the expectations of Veteran air customers. Todays service call makes me optimistic!

Carolyn Reich
Carolyn Reich 5.0


Lee Beaudry
Lee Beaudry 5.0

Professional and responsible technician. Great guy. Would definitely recommend Veteran Air

Scott D.
Scott D. 5.0

Very professional and nice. AAA+++ service.

Ron Mitchell
Ron Mitchell 5.0

Great company, excellent professional employees and reasonable pricing.

Cathy Cebrick
Cathy Cebrick 5.0

Stopped electrical beaker from tripping.

Anthony Paula
Anthony Paula 5.0

Electrical re installation of Halo 5 system, part of Veterans A/C & Plumbing

Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy 5.0

Ray explained everything he was doing and also gave me maintenance tips. Great service!

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